Blockwars - Strategy, isometric, MMO game This is a game fashioned on Clash of Clans. Block Wars turns players into the leader of their neighborhood block. Players build and protect their block while plotting to expand into their rivals territory. In between attacks players will build up resources by stashing cash and adding residents to create a thriving community.
StarBingo - Arcade style Casino Game Star Bingo offers new real money players up to £100 FREE! Great odds and payouts, Reload bonuses, Selection of slot games to play... Multiple game modes - play Classic, Auto and Insta bingo Beautifully crafted levels that change with the time of day Free play available with no sign up required
Speedgods - Endless Runner game SPEED GODS transports players into a world of fast cars and even faster cities. Speed Gods allows players through a world that combines French Montana's love for cars with his love for art. Creative paint jobs, eccentric cities and French's chart topping hits set the backdrop for this exciting game that takes over your senses
MM Bikelife - Endless runner game Bike Life is an “endless riding” mobile game. The game is a unique & authentic representation of a culture that has just hit the mainstream. Players will compete against others gathering coins and performing sick tricks as they mock and evade police apprehension.

Welcome to Walnut Games

Walnut games is an independent studio which has been setup with the purpose of producing games for the next generation platform and devices. Created as an offshoot of Radikal Labs - is a 15 year old setup with significant experience in creating games for most popular gaming genres, including first-person shooters, action, role-playing, real-time strategy, sports, education, casual and family entertainment with multiplayer versions for some of these.