About Us

Walnut games is an independent studio which has been setup with the purpose of producing games for the next generation platform and devices. Created as an offshoot of Radikal Labs - is a 15 year old setup with significant experience in creating games for most popular gaming genres, including first-person shooters, action, role-playing, real-time strategy, sports, education, casual and family entertainment with multiplayer versions for some of these.

With some of the best talent onboard, we have produced some compelling games for the smartphone, web and console platforms. We are now extending our reach to game devices. Industry veterans from various fields form the core of the company. Using established Software industries best practices, Walnut games is able to achieve rapid prototyping and quick-to-market delivery.


Design : Storyboarding, Concept Art, illustration, graphics, UI

Game Design : Level design, Algorithm

Animation : 2D and 3D animation

Programming & tools: Unity3D, Unty2D, ActionsScript (Flash, Flex & AIR), Android (java), ObjectiveC, including Cocos2D, OpenGL, OpenAL, Game Salad, Carona, and PhoneGap.

Game Servers : Gamespark, Photon, UnityServer, Playfab, Firebase, AWS, PHP, .net and JS frameworks

Project Management & QC: Dedicated project managers and game testers.