Game Developer

0 – 4 years experience
Desired Profile –

0 – 4 years experience in working on C# or any other programming languages.
Excellent Photoshop and Illustrator skills.
Video/Sound editing knowledge is preferable.
Excellent knowledge of Unity and C# scripting, GUI styles, shaders, etc.
Ability to manage priorities and tight deadlines with incomplete data
Highly motivated individual.
Willing to work in a fast-paced environment.

Requirement –

Bachelor in Computer Science or an equivalent degree preferred.
Knowledge of Javascript & Jquery is needed.
Experience in unity3D and multiplayer game programming.
Prior experience developing web or mobile applications.
Added knowledge on Action Script, HTML is a plus.
Knowledge of iPhone/Android deployment.
Thorough knowledge on all GUI, shaders, asset bundles.
Gaming knowledge – Must be passionate about games.
Programming experience on war games, racing and strategy games.

Job Responsibilities –

Will be responsible for handling the game development from scratch.
Must be a team player.
Development of the core products built using Unity, PHP, etc.
Work on Product Architecture Planning, Implementation and Deployment.
Hand on experience as a developer is preferable.
Coordinate with the team members throughout ongoing projects.

Location: Kolkata

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Game Designer

1 – 3 years experience
Desired Profile –

1 – 3 years experience in game designing for any platform.
Strong understanding of English language and expressions. Ability to communicate.
Excellent Photoshop and UI design skills.
Interested to learn new design trends and styles.
Considerable Illustration Skills.
Keen eye for Details.
Ability to articulate and define gaming aspects (as per directives).

Requirements –

Familiarity with latest game development practices like Lean, Scrum, Agile, etc
Overall knowledge in game elements, game engines.
Must understand widely known game types and their mechanics.
Must be able to implement game vision.
Possess storytelling ability.
Able to Complete Work within set deadlines.
In-depth understanding of Game development.

Job Responsibilities –

Work as a flexible team player with Programming, Art, Audio, etc departments.
Form required illustrations for GDD and pitch.
Resolve all design issues according to feedbacks or ongoing implementation process.
Conceptualize and design strategically based on the briefs.
Develop Game UI designs.
Formulate Rich Game Concepts, pitch and presentations.

Location: Kolkata

You can refer your friends and acquaintances for this


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