Casual Games

  • DJ Wars

    DJ Wars

    DJ Wars - Casual music based taptap game Developed for the DJ Star, the game uses the DJs album tunes.…

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  • Robo Chef

    Robo Chef

    RoboChef is an accessible children's game designed to make practicing speech sounds fun! Choose a robot chef and prepare meals…

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  • Harambe


    A side scrolling endless player game, themed on the Gorrlla Harambe that was shot in the Cincinnati zoo. The game…

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  • Marine Madness

    Marine Madness

    An underwater strategy (tower defense) game - Two territories: Monster and Common fish/creature territories - Prevent Monster fish/creatures entering into…

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  • Dentist Safari

    Dentist Safari

    You will be tasked with fixing and cleaning your favorite safari animals teeth! Remember these animals have teeth too! Features…

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  • SnowBoarding


    The only app which captures the true essence of snowboarding! Choose whether you want to perform huge triple inverts or…

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